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Are you ready to go to the mountains with your family, friends or on your own without having to carry your snowboard on the way ? Would you like to try out a new snowboard brand without having to buy new equipment? Skiset has the answer you've been looking for: cheap, online ski and snowboard hire.

Online and in just a few clicks, you can hire snowboards whilst benefiting from a preferential discount of up to -50%. With 800 ski shops in 400 resorts, the choice is never ending ! In three very simple steps, your snowboard hire is done and all you have left to do is to go and get your equipment once you get to the resort.

Online snowboard hire with Skiset is as easy as going down a green slope!

How is hiring skis and snowboards with Skiset an advantage ?

There are many details that make ski and snowboard rental through a specialised shop an advantage. Skiset offers snowboards selected amongst the major brands to guarantee optimal comfort. Our specialists check your equipment before you hire it and every time you bring it back.

Also, your snowboard will be adjusted according to your physical characteristics (height, weight, level...). Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this step is vital to your proper control of the snowboard on the slopes.

Goofy or regular, how to find out ?

Has anyone ever asked you "goofy or regular" and you didn't understand a thing? Well, it's actually very simple ! If someone is regular, it means they wear the snowboard with their left foot in front, and the opposite for a goofy. To know if you are goofy or regular, stand up straight and ask someone to push you forwards. The foot on which you fall first is supposed to be your front foot.

To be comfortable on your snowboard, you have to have your own foot position. Sit down comfortably in a chair, and look at your feet; that's the position they should be on the snowboard. If you're still not sure, ask a professional's advice. You will feel the difference !

Don't forget snowblade hire

For easy and immediate fun, try renting snowblades. Snowblades are a form of small ski, often used by occasional or beginning skiers. The snowblade gives different sensations from normal skis because you can turn more easily, even though you go slower. Thanks to their weight and small size, they enable tricks more easily. They are also easier to carry.