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You are going on a ski trip. You can't take your skis with you because you don't have enough space. How to be sure to get high quality skis, that correspond to your level, without having to wait hours in the cold, outside a ski rental shop?

We have the solution: online ski hire.

Thanks to over 800 ski rental shops, Skiset puts recent equipment at your disposal in most of the ski resorts in Europe. All you have to do is go on and the rest will be explained.

Why rent your skis directly in a ski shop when you can rent them cheaper and faster online ?

There is a Skiset shop in every big resort in France and Europe.

The Internet enables you to rent your ski equipment early and easily. Alpine ski, Nordic ski, Cross country. Our shops offer all types of skis according to what you are looking for. You will surely find the ski equipment rental formula that suits you.

Renting online, or directly in a ski rental shop ?

When you rent your skis in a shop, there are a few disadvantages compared to online rental. First of all there is the waiting time in a shop, which you don't have when you rent online because you can grab your skis directly in the shop where they will have been prepared by the skimen.

Then, in rush periods, there is the risk of not finding the skis you want. Rent your equipment online to make the best of a large choice at a discount price, up to -50% (excluding options) according to your dates.

The different types of equipment in Skiset's ski shops

By renting your skis, you have access to a very rich range of articles (skis, snowboards, snowblades). At Skiset you have the choice amongst the most famous brands in winter sports:

If some equipment is missing, you can buy it in the shops: ski helmets, gloves, masks, sunglasses, double liner, hot underwear, ski socks, ski trousers and jacket, rollnecks and other ski wear.