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By renting your ski equipment on, you can avoid spending hours in a queue waiting for your ski equipment. Online ski rental helps you save a great lot of time.

Are you planning a ski trip for your winter holidays? Then try ski, snowboard and snowblade rental services with real mountain professionals. With Skiset, you can choose from over 400 ski resorts:

Just a few clicks are enough to rent skiing equipment on our web site. When you get to the resort, your skiing equipment is waiting for you to go pick it up at the rental shop, ready to slide on the powder snow !

Ski helmet rental for children and beginners

Helmet rental or buy is very recommended for children and beginners, but also for people who do a lot of off-piste skiing, freestyle ski tricks, or simply whoever wants to be safe while skiing.

As well as being very secure, a helmet gives comfort and boosts a skiers' performances on the slopes, and enable a skier to trust his or her skills. Helmet size is measured in centimeters, so to find your helmet size, go around your head (just over the brow) with a tape measurer, and that's your helmet size. It is very important to try on different ski helmets before buying one, especially with the different add-ons or pieces, like double liner and ski masks. It is better to wear a ski mask than sunglasses with a helmet.

The skiing equipment you need on the slopes

To live your ski holidays to the full, you will need the right ski equipment. Here's a list of things you need :

  • a pair of skis (or a snowboard)
  • ski or snowboard boots
  • ski poles
  • a ski helmet (optional for adults)

But you'll need more than that to be ready. Here's a list of things you'll have to think about :

  • gloves
  • sunglasses or a ski mask
  • a hat or a helmet liner
  • long and hot underwear
  • ski socks
  • ski trousers and jacket
  • a roll neck and a thick sweater.

As well as renting, Skiset shops also sell all the equipment you need to take on the slopes.

Skiing equipment rental with Skiset

You can rent your ski equipment easily and in advance in the biggest resorts in France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, Spain, Bulgaria...

Thanks to Skiset's professional network spread out over most of the resorts in Europe, we can offer you a ski rental service that fits you. Nordic skiing, Alpine skiing, Cross country... our shops offer an amazing variety of skis in function of your level and taste.