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Méribel Centre - Les Allues - Improve your skills on your next ski holiday

A ski holiday can be a fabulous way to get out and enjoy some fresh air, while also enjoying the thrill of speeding downhill through fresh powder. But what if you want to become a better skier when you strap on your rental skis? Sure, practice makes perfect, but sometimes it takes a bit of extra hard work to see a real improvement in your skills and abilities.

Part of becoming a better skier includes improving your fitness level - and this is something that can be done year-round, even in the off-season. In particular, you want to work on strengthening your leg muscles and core strength - and your endurance can be improved with running and other cardiovascular activities.

Another thing to think about is where to book your ski holiday. Whether you think you've plateaued, or you want to take on more difficult runs, opting for a more challenging destination should to help you take your skills to the next level.

Here are resorts to consider if your goal is to become a better skier:

●St Anton, Austria - Known for its challenging pistes, where even the moderate runs can be a bit daunting, St Anton is a great place for skiers who want to put their skills to the test. You can tackle the slopes yourself, or maybe consider hiring a guide or an instructor to show you around and help you improve your technique.

●Cervinia, Italy - Situated at the base of the Matterhorn, Cervinia is a high-altitude location with some truly spectacular views. Its lift system also connects across the border with Zermatt in Switzerland, so you'll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a run. Most of the slopes in Cervinia are wide open, meaning there won't be as much opportunity for dramatic manoeuvres, but it's the perfect environment for working on technical improvements.

●Meribel, France - Located right in the middle of the Three Valleys - the world's biggest ski area - Meribel offers plenty of choices for skiers at every level. If you want to challenge yourself, head to the Pointe de la Masse or Mont Vallon, or consider trying one of the legendary off-piste options.


Méribel Centre - Les Allues - Moon Park Sessions at the Meribel Centre

Every Thursday from March 31st until April 14th the Moon park will be hosting sessions from 1pm each day for anyone to just turn up as they please. The only things you need to bring with you are your snowboarding and/or skiing skills because when you throw down your best moves you'll be rewarded with a fun little prize for your efforts. Of course, this isn't the most competitive of events, it's meant to be an enjoyable way for you to practise your skills and brush up on some of your fine tuning.

To give you a hand - not that you need it - two park shapers will be there to welcome you to the moon park and encourage anyone and everyone to come and join in. If you think you might not be good enough to take part, you should really reconsider because going to the Moon Park on these Thursday sessions is a really good way to learn from others, as well as give yourself some extra time on the slopes.

On Mondays, things get much more of a group feeling with the Family Moon sessions. This is when you can all come together and challenge friends and family in the snowpark, to get a little friendly competition going between each other. There will also be free activities for everyone to enjoy, such as games to make sure that you all have as much fun as possible. Again, these Monday sessions are open to all abilities and everyone is encouraged to take part. However, if you are attending with small children, adults are advised to keep an eye on little ones as these events can be quite busy.

Entrance to Mondays and Thursday sessions are free to all, and to get to the Moon Park, you just take the plan de l'homme chairlift - and you're there!

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